Details for each WACFL Speech and Debate event
Speech Events

Speech (sometimes called forensics) are seven different events, grouped into two categories: Interpretative and Public Address.  “Interp” events are performance focused, ideal for students with an interest in theater or acting.  They are Dramatic Performance, Duo Interpretation and Oral Interpretation. 

Public Address events require students to prepare a speech that can answer a question, share a belief or persuade an audience. They are ideal for students interested in current events, government, politics or philosophy.   These events are Declamation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu and Original Oratory.   Both Extemp and Impromptu are “limited-prep” events.  Students choose topics at the tournament and create speeches just prior to presenting.  

Beginning students typically compete in a single event.  After gaining experience, students have the option of  “double entering”, which allows competing in two different events at a tournament.  In a speech “round”, students typically perform in a classroom in front of 5 other students and one adult judge.

Speech Event Information
Debate Events

Debate consists of 4 different events.  In Public Forum and Policy, students work in teams of two.  In Lincoln Douglas and Student Congress, students compete as individuals.  At WACFL tournaments, Policy, Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas  students are split into Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions.  In Student Congress, competitors are assigned to a “chamber” of approximately 15 – 20 students, with all experience levels combined in the same chamber.

WACFL tournaments use topics selected by the National Speech and Debate Association. Policy topics remain the same for the entire school year. Lincoln-Douglas topics change every two months. Public Forum topics remain the same for Sept./Oct. and Nov./Dec. Beginning in January, Public Forum topics change monthly. Student Congress topics are chosen by WACFL league officials and change for each tournament. They are provided to students and coaches approx. three weeks before each tournament.

Debate Event Information